my largest and most challenging linocut print to date

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140 x 100cm (55,1 x 39,4in)

hand printed linocut print on japanese kozo paper 100g/m2

limited edition of 5

signed and numbered

my largest and most challenging linocut print to date.

i started sketching the first iterations of this drawing more than a year ago, but i couldn't quite grasp it, i always ended up discarding the work i was doing. i think i've tried at least 10 different times before i arrived at this version. ⁠
i could see it in my mind, but i couldn't translate it to an actual drawing which was maddening because i couldn't let go of it, i knew i had to do it.⁠

i've spent than 50 hours on drawing this thing, and another 50 carving the linocut and probably 10 or so printing it. so at least 110 hours in total but that doesn't include all the previous versions i worked on, it could be closer to 150 hours for all i know., which is insane to me. it is without a doubt the longest i have ever worked on a linocut or other project for that matter.

in a way this SPIRIT WAR represents the last half year or so, for me. ⁠
i’ve been working a lot on my mental health, working with trauma, and this drawing and linocut has been following me on this journey, and thus is deeply personal to me.⁠
the point is that this piece represents, in a way, all that work, and while you may not see anything groundbreaking, the process of making this piece has been transformative for me, and letting myself make this, without listening to my fears, has been such a great learning experience. ⁠

i had to make this.

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